Posted on 15-Jan-2020

Knysna Presbyterian Church

Overcommitted. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Does that sound familiar? Too familiar? Many people (even in supposedly peaceful Knysna) are living their lives at a pace and intensity that they simply can't sustain relative to their own capacity. We can easily recognise this in young parents trying to keep up with kids activities or in those trying to build a career or business. But retirees who feel as if they should have lots of time, but discover their capacity has reduced with the passing of the years, may tell the same story. Our souls end up feeling cluttered and a peaceful centre out of which to live seems elusive. How do we begin to unclutter our souls? How can we simplify our complex and stressed lives? Join us at Knysna Presbyterian Church in this 5 week series, starting 19 Jan 2020 at 09:30, to find out how the principles Jesus taught us can help us accomplish just that.
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