Posted on Feb 27, 2021

Knysna Presbyterian Church

The spiritual season of Lent, a time for reflection and recalibration. What better material to work with than the challenges of some key Old Testament Prophets, who called people from religious habit into genuine love for the Lord and obedience to His purposes. Links to our audio services in this series are below...

PALM SUN 28 MAR - HOSEA!AviLX3R3sEN2gr50F4fqjyLIU60Xfw?e=Se5q67
SUN 21 MAR - JOEL!AviLX3R3sEN2gr5HERoGywdmh3IEhg?e=g6kSV9
SUN 14 MAR - EZEKIEL!AviLX3R3sEN2gr4nuhqtpvYCCnJiyw?e=y5zpy8
SUN 7 MAR - JEREMIAH (Communion)!AviLX3R3sEN2gr11AG-GgPcTkW0vLA?e=UxZ69t
SUN 28 FEB - ISAIAH!AviLX3R3sEN2gr0d4a8E4ariD49s9A?e=eSIxlU
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